Hamilton Handy Seeder

Handy Seeder

Hamilton Design Handy Seeders: Perfect for Small Growers

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Hamilton Design Handy seeders take some of the manual labor out of the sowing season. The stainless steel seed tray and vacuum for seed pickup deliver unparalleled versatility, planting quality, and performance geared for small growing operations. 

If a fully automatic commercial seeder is out of your price range, this Handy Seeder can speed up the sowing season. Use it for years to come, thanks to the durable construction and quality you can expect from Hamilton Design Ltd. products.

Product Information

Since 1979, Hamilton Design has produced some of the best seeders in the industry. 

For small growers who don’t want to invest in a fully automatic seeder, the Handy Seeder offers a semi-automatic, easy-to-use way to sow your own plugs without spending time picking up and placing individual seeds manually in plug trays.

With holes drilled into the pickup tubes at customizable interval distances, you can choose the number of seeds you sow depending on the size of your plug tray. 

Stainless Steel Seed Tray

The durable, rust-resistant stainless steel tray holds the seeds ready for planting. A small compressor vibrates the tray to keep the seeds moving into position for pickup and sowing.

Vacuum-powered Pickup Mechanism

The Handy Seeder uses vacuum suction to pick up seeds from the steel tray and hold them in the pickup tube. Manually move the pickup tube to the plug tray and cover a hole on the pickup tube to release the seeds into each position.

Varying Hole Sizes

You can choose pickup tubes with custom-sized holes. Choose a 0.3-millimeter hole size for smaller seeds up to 700 seeds per gram. Or, use the pickup tube with a 0.5-millimeter hole size for larger seeds with a count of up to 200 seeds per gram.

Product Specifications

  • Three pickup tubes
  • Varying hole size: 0.3mm or 0.5mm
  • Option to drill multi holes for clump sowing
  • Semi-automatic
  • Vacuum-powered pickup mechanism

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About Hamilton Design

The Hamilton line of seeders have had a worldwide presence since 1979. They have a seeder for all greenhouse sizes — from the small to the larger grower. Their drum seeder is a much desired and sought after machine for mid to large operations.