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Drum Seeder

Reliable Hamilton Drum Seeders from Pischek Industries

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If manually operated seeders won’t cut it for your large-scale growing needs, the Hamilton range of seeding machines offers high output and versatile sowing. 

Hamilton drum seeders are the most popular seeding machines for mid-sized to large growers. From the vibrating seed trays, vacuum technology for seed pickup, and infra-red beams for accurate sowing, the Hamilton drum seeder is ideal for commercial growers who rely on high output with minimal downtime. Sow a variety of seed types in any type of seed flat or plug tray and streamline operations with accurate automated sowing technology.

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Hamilton Drum Seeders are Now Assembled in the USA!

Standard and MaxiPro Hamilton Drum Seeders – Product Information

Hamilton Design Ltd. has produced high-quality seeders and automated gardening tools since 1979. 

Durable Steel Construction

Hamilton drum seeders have a durable steel construction for the oscillating hopper and drums to make planting more time-efficient and minimize seed wastage.

Versatile Hole Size

The drums can perform single sowing, double sowing, or multi sowing in one pass. Choose from 0.3mm holes for smaller seeds or 0.5mm holes for larger seeds. You can even customize a drum with multiple hole sizes or hole positions to sow into hex trays.

High-volume Sowing

Perfect for commercial growers and plug producers, the Hamilton drum seeder can sow 700 plug trays, or 300,000 seeds per hour on average. With the automated infra-red beam and high-pressure vacuum seed pick technology, you get accurate seed placement in every tray.

Sow Into Any Tray or Container

The Hamilton drum seeder can sow into almost any 380mm plug tray, seed flat, or bedding plant container. With the digital control box, adjust row counts, tray counts, and row presets to fit every seed batch to the planting rows along the length of your trays.

Hamilton MaxiPro Drum Seeder

The MaxiPro model offers more versatility and durability compared to the standard mode. With a wider drum for plug trays up to 480mm wide and a fitted oscillating seed tray you can sow more seeds per hour.

MEGA Seeder Kit

Sow seeds of virtually any size or shape with the MEDA seeder kit. This add-on is ideal if you have unusual seed sizes that other seeders can’t accommodate. The customizable seeder heads can accommodate different seed diameters, making it one of the most versatile sowing tools for several varieties of pregerminated seeds and plugs.

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About Hamilton Design

The Hamilton line of seeders have had a worldwide presence since 1979. They have a seeder for all greenhouse sizes -- from the small to the larger grower. Their drum seeder is a much desired and sought after machine for mid to large operations.