TEA 600N

Cube 600N

High-Quality Hamilton TEA Transplanters from Pischek Industries

Move your seedlings fast and cost-efficiently with Hamilton TEA Transplanters from Pischek Industries.

The Hamilton TEA CUBE Transplanter is the latest generation of transplanters from the leading horticultural equipment manufacturer in Italy.

Also known as the CUBE2 600N series transplanter, the Hamilton TEA provides commercial growers an ideal setup for transferring large quantities of plants per hour, with a maximum speed of 1,500 plugs per head, every 60 minutes. The TEA 1500N & 2000N models are also available for growers looking for larger capacity and the 1500J and 2000J transplanters which will integrate with potting machines.

Product Features

  • Outstanding compatibility with other production line machinery
  • Exceptional standalone capabilities
  • Only need two people to operate the machine
  • Small footprint – 8′ x 6’5 x 7′
  • A maximum output of up 1500 plants per hour on every head
  • Interchangeable 30- and 50-millimeter heads
  • 4 head machine plants 6,000 plants per hour, 6 head machine 9,000 plants per hour and an 8 head machine 12,000 plants per hour
  • Can transplant into a pack/pot/hanging basket – practically any container
  • Can transplant plugs from a huge range of plug trays, which you can feed widthways or lengthways through the machine
  • New height-adjustable planting conveyor allows you to transplant into larger baskets and pots up to 18″ tall
  • Has a side step mechanism that allows you to pick up large leafy plants like tomatoes by their sides
  • Has a water feature on the placing side
  • Runs on 110/120 v and needs a small air compressor
  • Up to 99 pick-up and placing programs
  • Menu driven -to change from one program to another is done by scrolling down a stored menu of your planting trays/packs, etc
  • Variable planting and pick-up speed and depth, which you can change on-the-fly
  • Computer-controlled versatility and accuracy that can suit virtually every pack and pot configuration

Transplanters Recommended by Horticultural Professionals

Hamilton TEA transplanters from Pischek Industries are manufactured in state of the art facilities in Italy, where the emphasis is on quality and value above all else. Every model we make can operate comfortably at maximum rates for extended periods, and growers can customize their program to fulfill their individual needs.  Our transplanters help flower and vegetable growers improve their planting efficiency dramatically, allowing them to stay competitive and reduce operating costs.

Transplanting starter plants from a plug tray to a finish product was once laborious and time-consuming, sometimes taking weeks when done by a single individual. The Hamilton TEA CUBE2 600N is a modular transplanter that can be configured to up to 10 heads, capable of planting 1,500 plants per hour per head at maximum speed. A proprietary computer program that requires minimal technical knowledge to navigate and modify allows you to enter your own, individualized planting programs.

Hamilton TEA transplanters typically require two people to operate. One individual to load the plug flats and tag them, and the other patch the occasional misses and unload.

The Hamilton TEA 600N is the flagship model from the company for small-scale to mid­ range growers.

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About Hamilton TEA Transplanters

Applied Electronic Technology is the brains behind this innovative transplanter. Under the Hamilton umbrella, this machine will virtually allow you to transplant from any tray into practically any other container.