Carrousel Type Transplanter – Model 5000/5000W

The Model 5000/5000W is the most advanced planter available today. A new cam activated plant ejection system, six cup feeder, adjustable shoe and easy adjust patented ski system to eliminate the packing wheels, makes the Model 5000 the fastest and easiest-to-use transplanter on the market.

Carrousel Type Transplanter – Model 5000/5500 Series 

The Model 5500 is simple, efficient, and easy to use. This planter has cam- activated plant ejection system and a six-cup feeder. This feature allows for faster transplanting speeds vs other competing transplanters. This planter includes the ski planting systemeliminating the need for packing wheels. This ski packing system allows for row spacing as close as 12.5″


  • Adjustable shoe to fit most cell dimensions
  • Cam-activated plant ejection for smoother operation
  • Easy ski adjustment for quick change depth control
  • EZ17 drive system for quick change plant spacing 
  • Movable seat and foot mount for operator comfort 
  • Smaller diameter six-cup feeder for increased operator efficiency 

Packing Wheel Carrousel Transplanter – Model 5000W/5500W 

The Model 5500W is the ideal transplanter for varying soil conditions. It has all the same features as the model 5500 (above).

About Mechanical Transplanters

from South Africa to South Alabama, the Mechanical Transplanter is in operation on any given day transplanting from vegetables to nursery stock. From both bare-root to cell type plants, there is a transplanter model available to suit most of your field transplanting needs.